TSOT 5: Day One

We're currently in the process of working on This Side of Town's fifth music video. Here's a recap of our first day of shooting.

Storyboarding on scene one.

Since this is their final song in their current batch of music, we decided to go much bigger with the scale of production on this one. We tackled two of the scenes, focusing on two different character's stories.

Cezar Directing Jen in scene one. Photo by Luke Fahrmann.

We decided to have Cezar White help write the screenplay and direct the video, Jony Roy producing and focusing on the cinematography, and Roman as a camera assistant and BTS guy.

Producer & Cinematographer Jony Roy. Photo by Luke Fahrmann.

Roman Zugarazo subtly making fun of our director.

We got Cam and Luke from Watcher Media focusing on Grip/Lighting. Love these guys, definitely check them out.

Cam Root from Watcher Media helping with Lighting/Grip. Photo by Luke Fahrmann.

Huge props to those guys for making it look like daylight at 11pm.

Christopher Kavanagh in scene two. Makeup by Alanah Kempton. Photo by Luke Fahrman.

Cezar directing Christopher in scene two. Photo by Luke Fahrman.

We still have a couple more days of shooting ahead of us, but we're really excited to see how this music video turns out! Stay tuned!