Pixel Point Media is a video production team based in Vancouver, BC. 

Lead by producer/cinematographer Jony Roy, we specialize in producing engaging and cinematic content for artists and brands.

Our services include the production of music videos, lyric videos, live performance coverage, tutorials, and advertisements.

We believe stories are best told visually. Bring your story to life.



Jony began his creative endeavours in music before he moved to film. His early experience in the Vancouver music industry gave him an affinity for working with local artists and bands as he began shooting videos. Over time, Jony has developed skills in production, cinematography, editing, and motion graphics.


Roman Zugarazo

Over the last few years Roman has built up an impressive repertoire of skills ranging from organizing live session shoots and interviews, to traveling across Europe promoting and documenting an artist's tour. Roman continues to produce high-quality event, promotional, and corporate content.



From a young age, Cezar has always loved the art of acting and theatre. Cezar later shifted his main focus to working in music production. His sense of style, aesthetic, direction, along with his technical skill in audio have made Cezar a unique asset to the team.


Jacob Harris

Often helming the writing and directing roles on narrative projects, Jacob specializes in bringing stories to life. Additionally, Jacob has plenty of expirence working in the camera and editing departments.